What You Need to Know about Your Driving Record

Driving Record Points

If you are convicted of a moving violation in the state of New Jersey, the Motor Vehicle Commission (MVC) will add points to your driving record. These points may increase your insurance rates, determine whether or not you have to pay a surcharge to the MVC or cause your license to be suspended.

• 6 or More Points within 3 Years - You have to pay a $150 surcharge, plus $25 for each additional point over six.
• 12 or More Points - Your license will be suspended

MVC Surcharges

Every time a point is added to your driving record, it is reviewed by the MVC. An MVC surcharge is a fine assessed yearly for drivers who have accrued excessive points or committed a specific serious violation. A surcharge will be added in addition to any court fines or penalties you may have. If you do not pay a surcharge your license may be suspended indefinitely.

How to Eliminate Driving Record Points

You may be able to reduce driving record points and avoid surcharges or license suspension altogether. An MVC approved online defensive driving course can be used once every 5 years to take 2 points off your record and provide a mandatory insurance discount. For example, if you had 8 points accrued, you would save $180 in surcharges, or if you had 12 total points, you would avoid license suspension altogether. Plus you would get an insurance discount just for taking the course!

Register for the New Jersey Online Defensive Driving Course.

Driving Record History

Your driving record contains crucial information about your driving history. Auto insurance providers can use your record to determine your insurance rates, and the New Jersey MVC reviews your record to assess any surcharges, penalties or even suspension of your driving privileges. Your driving record will show:

  • • Traffic Violations
  • • Accidents with a Traffic Citation
  • • Suspensions, Revocations and Cancellations
  • • Driving Restrictions
  • • Graduation from Driver Improvement Programs

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